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Barite, very fine sample from the Turt mine, Satu Mare, Romania. Group of transparent and perfect barite crystals, size of the pece 8x6x4 cm, barite group of 4x2 cm 

100 EURO



Hematite in Quarz fom China. Very fine of 8x5 cm with quartz of 4,5 cm long and lamellar Hematite of 1,5 cm.

35 Euro



Calcite from Daye mine, Hunan, Cina. Very fine piece with many perfect calcite crystals, largest of 3,5x2 cm. Size of the piece 10x6x5 cm

50 Euro



Quartz in Rhodocrosite matrix from Cavnic mine, Maramures, Romania. Fine pece with some transparent quartz crystals of 1,3 cm and a coat of Rhodo crystals.

40 Euro



Stilbite from Wagnoli quarry, India, very fine crystal group of great colour of 3,5x2,5 cm in a small matix of 4x4x5 cm.

25 Euro

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